Dutch Beer

Beer-drinking Shus: Dutch Beer

Since moving to the Netherlands we both have been drinking a lot more beer. I don't mean epic parties, but we definitely partake in a beer or two more often. The fact that we have, what are to us, cool "foreign" beers accessible in every grocery store and café terrace helps a lot.

Here are just some of the Dutch breweries that we have enjoyed since moving here:


Founded in the 1999, Texels is located in an old dairy farm on the island Texel ("Tessel"). All ingredients of their assorted craft beers are sourced locally from the island, making this a very unique brewery.


Originally using recipies found in Haarlem city archives dating from the year 1407, they now have dozens of interesting craft brews to sample. Their first location is an old church converted into a brewery/pub, the "Jopenkerk."


Founded by a musician and housed in a former bath-house, this craft brewery is truly "Amsterdam." They get their name from the nearby Ij River on which the building sits.

Het Uiltje

"Extreme, crazy, hoppy beers" is what they do. Uiltje just got a production brewery in 2016 but have been brewing small batches in Haarlem since 2012. They have their "Uiltje Bar" in Haarlem centrum with 30 beers on tap.

Have you manged to try any of these somewhere else on earth? I am interested to know where! Cheers/Proost!