Père Lachaise Cemetary

Romantic Stroll in Père Lachaise Cemetary

There's nothing more romantic to do for Valentine's weekend than visiting a cemetary, right? Well, when you're in Paris, yes! Père Lachaise Cemetary is romantic by day, I imagine terrifying by night, and the perfect place for anyone looking for a little peace in the middle of Paris.

Like the infamous, and now extinct, love lock bridge, cemetaries are full of stories. Love, heartbreak, loss and hope, they can all be found here. Père Lachaise Cemetary is home to a handful of celebrity inhabitants, but some of the most touching monuments are so old and distressed they no longer have a legible name. There is a map, but no guide to answer all of the questions you will have as you explore.

Many crypts are open, damaged by weather or vandals, and many graves have been overcome by moss, plants and even trees. So many are forgotten, but so are many remembered. Fresh flowers left, fresh kisses pressed, and fresh tears shed. This is where your heart lives and breathes. Here you stand, on the stories beneath the ground that reach up into the sky through the canopy of branches above you. 

A cemetary like we've only seen in the movies, Père Lachaise Cemetary is something special for visitors to Paris. Spend a morning here any time of the year to remember what beauty there is in life and love.

Vivant Denon, the first director of the Louvre Museum

Grave of Oscar Wilde, defaced by kisses.

Jim Morrison's grave, protected by chainlink fence and security guard.

~ Erica