Fiets to Friets

Fiets to Friets: Summer Edition

Living in The Netherlands there are two important things…

  1. Fiets. Bicycle. How you move to where you need or want to go!

  2. Friets. Fries. How you fuel the propulsion of a bicycle!

This blog feature will highlight my experience with Dutch fries and their sauce, and at the bottom of each page you will find Friet Saus Rankings.

OK! So far this summer... HEAVY FOCUS ON "PEANUT SAUCE" or "Pinda Saus" in Dutch. I believe the more fries I order, the better my spoken Dutch becomes. 

"Ik wil graag frites met pindasaus."

Occasionally I will post an updated Friets Rankings Menu and photos of the new flavours sampled, stay connected on Twitter with #fietstofriets or here on our blog for more delicious news!

~ Brian