Intimate Urban Living

Intimate Urban Living - Second Apartment

Because we hadn't found an apartment by the time our first Airbnb term was up and it was unavailable for some of the days we would need it, we searched and found another location that would allow our dear feline friend, Nougat. Our new host was first-time Airbnb-er, and with us being new to Airbnb ourselves, we both appreciated the opportunity to meet before sealing the deal. Luckily, we all got along great and mutually decided it was a match!

This apartment is less manicured as a rental space than our first, but a more immersive and authentic living experience. Because this is actually someone's home, we're going to respect the host's privacy by focusing on a few details that have made this stay such a neat experience.

This apartment is spread out over three floors: deep entranceway for bike storage, first floor (living space, kitchen, half-bath and rooftop outdoor space), and second floor (bedroom and bathroom). We are located just above a shoe store, and right in the middle of the shopping district. There's a bike store across the street, clothing stores, housewares shops, cafés and salons all up and down the neighbouring streets. We are literally steps away from the smaller market square, and the streets are always busy with bike and pedestrian traffic. We can hear real Dutch conversations in the street from our living room, which is why we've been watching less tv.

One of our favourite things about the architecture here is that you can't really tell where one building ends and the next begins. In the front, our front entrance looks like it's in the next building, and out back, the rooftops and balconies form a confusing jumble of spaces people have carved out for themselves.


We have obviously not died on these stairs...yet. They inject every morning with a shot of adrenaline, which is a great way to start the day.

Down in the street we hear bikes always rattling, prospective shoppers, tourists, parents and their children, young people, old people and everyone in-between. We've heard more than one woman singing opera on her bike at midnight, more than a few girls giggling on their way to school followed by more than a few boys hollering after them, more than one man whistling a jaunty tune in the afternoon, more than a few middle-aged drunks kicking cans down the street, and then the street sweepers rumble by every morning to start the day anew.

It was a bit overwhelming the first night or two, but we've settled in so much that I'm not even sure what it would be like to go back to the periphery of town center. Life's happening right outside our door, and calling us out every day for the next adventure.

~ Erica ~ Brian ~ nougat