Three Impatient Shus

An Honest Update From Three Impatient Shus

Everything worth having comes with a few challenges along the way. After sharing our the decision to leave home, we’ve encountered a few complications that have tested our patience. Since we like to be real around here, we’ll share the trials and tribulations right from the start.

First of all, our apartment search has been tougher than we expected. We didn’t expect easy, but I think we expected some sort of momentum once we got things rolling. Having decided on Amsterdam, we registered with several online sites which notify us of properties that meet our criteria. But once we started expressing interest in properties, we found that we were always a few steps behind. We are somewhat surprised to find that most places don’t allow us to filter for properties that allow pets, and that is our most important criteria. Between not getting responses to our inquiries to getting responses that simply said “ already taken,” we decided to try a couple of different things.

We expanded our area of interest to include Haarlem, a charming city very close to Amsterdam. We also contacted a real estate agent. Real estate agents come with some additional costs, but we hope that he will help us to bridge the gap between Canada and Netherlands. Without being physically there yet, it’s been hard to make any headway. Normally we'd fly by the seat of our pants, but on this trip we're reluctant to leave it completely up to chance for Nougat's comfort. We’ve also opened the door to Airbnb as a temporary accommodation option (which thankfully has options for people with pets!)


Back at home, we have a few loose legal ends to tie up prior to our departure. These loose ends should be simple to deal with in theory, but apparently not in practice. After receiving some less than ideal news on this front, we had a couple days of feeling down and demotivated, but quickly got back on track. Where life is not going according to plan, we’ll just need to stay the course and get more flexible to make it work.

Then I got sick - for all you who know me well, this is an entirely expected event. Usually stressed out about everything, the second I relax, whether on holiday, travelling, long weekend, or now as a "lady of leisure," I inevitably get whatever bug is floating around. After a few hazy days of doing nothing, I’m back on my feet.


Nougat is getting frustrated by the revolving labyrinth of boxes. At first he was excited about jumping into all the boxes and enjoying the new perching options, but the place is starting to clear out and now he’s not so happy about it. We’re trying to keep him comfortable so that he can get back to being his cheerful self.

Oh, yeah, and some jerk stole our laundry from the dryer, underwear, mismatched socks and all. Who does that?! Nougat is especially angry about this because we lost several cozy items that were perfect for his afternoon snoozes.

On the bright side, we’re making great headway on downsizing, moving and storing our stuff. It feels really good, and absolutely liberating. Every day we’re crossing items off our list and we can see the light at the end of this very long tunnel. This week we’re going to spend time with family, start moving some furniture and attend a wedding, which sounds like a pretty cool week to us.