So…What did you do on Saturday?

Saturday was the Dodenherdenking here in the Netherlands – remembrance of the dead. I wonder if, in more than 70 years from now in another war torn land, there will be the same sense of freedom and life as there is in the Netherlands?

Sitting on the train on my way to work every day, I read of war in the news. It’s sandwiched between articles about the stock markets and all varieties of injustice in the world. Most people are good, but it seems that a few exploit the many.

So many ongoing wars and conflicts have happened since the Second World War. I also wonder if everyone around the world can remember all of them, have time to move on and memorialize them, time to even feel safe again. It seems that in some places, violence never ends. What is that like?

I know that I can be grateful for what I have and where I live. This has been a safe place for the past 74 years. But it’s important to remain aware – time allows us to so easily forget the past. In the news last week, I read of Francoist parties raising to popularity again in Spain. How? Time. Desperation. Racism. All not very far away.

On Saturday we took a moment to remember, so we don’t forget.