Travel on passion

Travel on passion

When we first started travelling, every urban destination came with a hit list: museums, landmarks, restaurants, shopping, trying out local specialties. It's fun and exciting to travel like that. But what about the wandering walks, cafe hopping, live music, cooking lessons, inspired creativity and time spent just enjoying the view — that are sometimes the very best part of your trip?

Can you plan your trip around those kind of moments instead for an experience that really ignites some personal fire of yours?

Last year I decided I wanted to take an "art holiday". I was working on a piece of art at the time, and felt inspired to try something new. I had no idea if what I had in mind actually existed, but I googled a bit and found an experience that really caught my eye.

Artbreak offers a program in Prague that combines creating art with cultural experiences. Morning workshops had us working with local artists doing painting, pottery, print-making and collage.

Afternoons and evenings had planned activities as well: city tour, dance performance, Fringe Festival plays, opera and symphony — most things I wouldn’t have thought of planning on my own.

My group was very small, both a blessing and a real shame! I truly wish more people could have been part of it. One year later I'm still thinking about what a great experience it was. Our hosts were so kind, welcoming and knowledgeable -- and in love with Prague in a contagious way (if you could possible need any extra encouragement to appreciate this beautiful city!)

Whether you do it on your own or with a company that takes care of all the details, what’s going to light your fire next time you travel?