Erica Brusselers Shuchuk
Quiet. Love words. 
Adore my husband.
Weakness for adventure.

Brian Shuchuk
Adventure. Bicycling. Love. Pizza. Photography.
Rock'n Roll. Radio. Travel.

Nougat Shuchuk
Wise. Cute. Soft.
Love cuddles & conversations
with my humans.


We're Brian and Erica (and Nougat) Shuchuk, and we're glad you made here to learn more about us! We come from the Edmonton area in Alberta, Canada. We met each other twelve years ago and we've been very happily married for more than seven years. Our cat Nougat is definitely the wisest of us three.

In the time that we've been together, we've both built interesting careers and a comfortable life. We've had some very interesting opportunities to get to know our city from the inside out from Erica's once-in-a-lifetime job in a political office to Brian's enthusiastic participation in local radio and cycling culture. We started to explore the world in our vacation time. Our memories of adventures in Thailand, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia spurred us on to explore even more.

We began to feel that small doses of travel just weren't enough for us. Too much to see, too much to experience, too much to taste and drink and do... and just too damn little time!

The year 2014 was the beginning of a shift in our priorities and lifestyle when someone close to us fell ill. Although she sadly passed away, her legacy was one of happiness, strength and inspiration. Finding ourselves in an odd period of transition, we considered the question, "what next?" It became clear to us that it was finally time to fulfill a long-held, but somewhat daunting dream of ours to move to The Netherlands. We don't have an itinerary or rule book for the next year or so except for: 1) enjoy life 2) have epic adventures 3) do some weird stuff, and 4) share it all with you. 

Throughout this blog, you can find out much more about us, so poke around, follow us on social media and let us know what you think!

To hear more about what it's like to be an Expat in Haarlem, Netherlands, including adventures with food, bicyles and Nougat, check out our interview with The Expats Podcast by clicking here.

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